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Providing Qualified Mold Remediation in Brevard County

Mold can be destructive to your property and harmful to your health. You might see a patch of mold on the floor or wall or notice a musty smell in the house. These are warning signs that tell you your home has a mold problem. Armstrong's Cleaning & Restoration Services recommends acting quickly by requesting mold remediation in Brevard County.

With the year-round high humidity in our area, mold can present a challenge to remove because there is always more to the problem than you see at first. This is why we offer our professional services. Doing away with mold involves much more than just scraping it off the wall.

Our restoration company invests in the latest and highest quality industry technology, training, and equipment to safely remediate any type of mold, regardless of size or location. Our goal is to minimize the spread and stop any further damage. Rest assured we use advanced mold inspection equipment and techniques to find the problem and protect your family’s health, safety, and property. Call us today for qualified mold cleanup.

Getting to the Source of the Mold

The first step to take when you notice mold is to call us for help. It’s often the case when people try to remove mold, they end up spreading it through the house instead, worsening the problem. Mold removal must be done in a contained environment with the right equipment and products. Otherwise, the spores can escape and re-establish themselves in other parts of the house.

The first thing to do with a mold problem is to find the source of the water. Perhaps, a pipe behind a wall is leaking. Maybe, there is water on the floor in the basement. Before our technicians can provide mold repair, we take care of the leak. This way, when we bring in our high-tech equipment and protective gear, we attack the source of the mold.

Providing Commercial Mold Remediation

Mold can hide in hidden recesses inside your business building. Not only can the growth of this fungus impact your property, but it can also threaten the health of your staff. When you see or smell mold, reach out to our licensed and certified team of technicians for testing. Once we get a handle on the problem, we’ll discuss remediation with you. You can count on us to deal with mold in a safe and professional manner. Call our office to schedule service.

Contact us today to take care of mold inside your house or business. We proudly serve customers in Brevard and Indian River counties in Florida.

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