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Prompt and Effective Infectious Disease Control in Brevard County, FL

Airborne pathogens and contagious diseases can spread more easily when hospitals are affected by natural disasters than during regular operations. That’s why there is increasing concern about the requirement of construction compliance standards.

Through our affiliate, DKI, the largest disaster restoration contracting organization in North America, the team at Armstrong's Cleaning & Restoration Services is continually trained on the latest products, tools, and knowledge within the healthcare field. With this awareness, we can help safely keep your facility up and running and providing care for your patients throughout any restoration process.

Call our emergency 24-hour services line at 866-277-2977 if your facility requires property restoration or infectious disease control in Brevard County, FL. We will help you quickly get back to providing care to those in your community.

Let the Professionals Deal with Risky Situations

There is no situation involving pathogens or biohazards that should be tackled by untrained individuals under any circumstances. These substances are very dangerous, and exposure can lead to disastrous consequences for the ill-prepared and anyone in the immediate area.

These results can range from serious illness to even death in extreme cases. If you are confronted with a scenario like that, call us for biohazard cleanup service and peace of mind that everything is handled as it should be.

Trust Us to Get Things Back to Normal

It’s never a good time for a hospital or clinic or lab to be out of commission, especially if the timeline is projected to be an extended one. The best way to keep downtime to a minimum, and get back to caring for patients is to take advantage of the services of Armstrong's Cleaning & Restoration Services.

We are trained and equipped to handle any healthcare facility restoration needs you have, and we’ll do it quickly while meeting all applicable codes and regulations. If it’s an emergency, don’t delay, take action.

In the unfortunate case of a breach of handling and processing facilities for medical waste or biological contaminants, or a spill, you can trust us to provide effective disinfecting and sanitizing using all the latest infectious disease cleanup methods and protocols.

Contact us and let us provide our cleaning and restoration services promptly. We proudly serve customers in Brevard County and Indian River County, FL.

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